AE201 Enforcer & Euro46 v10 wifi setup

A guide of how to setup the new Enforcer and Euro46 V10 with the included wifi modem to use apps and the Insite UDL software. The Enforcer and Euro46 v10 combines the PSTN Enforcer and the HomeControl+ Enforcer into one versatile panel. The panel now includes a wifi modem so we hope you will get the most from it and the first years free Pyronix Cloud account and the free HomeControl+ app.
Note that this video show how to perform this function on an Enforcer but the menus are the same for Euro46 V10. It should also be noted that the Euro46 v10 should use the DIGI-WIFI/XA with the external antenna rather than the DIGI-WIFI with the internal antenna that should only be used with the Enforcer.